Matrix High Pressure

  • Extreme Tanning Technology
  • Deeper, Darker Tan in Less Time
  • Unparalleled Tanning Experience

X2 Maxx High Pressure

  • Maxx Performance
  • Complete 360 degree Coverage
  • Parabolic Reflectors
  • Open Air Design


  • Mirrored Browning Facials
  • Shoulder Tanners
  • Intense Bronze Tan
  • Contoured Acrylic for Maximum Comfort


  • Deeper, Darker Tan “All Over”
  • Ultimate Tanning Experience
  • Solution for Hard to Tan Areas
  • Browning Facials
  • 30% more Browning than Jet Stars
  • Ultra Base Tan
Jet Star
  • Longer and Wider
  • Deep Base Tan
  • Solution for “Hard to Tan Legs”
  • Tans you from your Hips to your Toes
  • Longer, Effective Tanning Response
  • Included with Memberships and Packages