California Tan Color Perfecting Complex Instant Sunless Spray

Experience The Sexy Side of Sunless® with Color Perfecting Complex™.

This scientifically formulated collection develops color like never before by flawlessly matching every skin tone.

Natural Colorant Blend – A patent-pending, anti-oxidant rich blend of seven natural colorants that enhance and darken skin’s organic color and conceal imperfections

Bronzextend® Blend – DHA and Erythrulose provides skin with a gorgeous, bronze hue Cosmetic Bronzers support even coverage as they provide a tint to the spray which allows for even, smooth coverage and easy application

Triple Moisture Sensation – Blend of ingredients that lock in moisture triggering a hydration that reaches deep into skin

Vitamin C and Vitamin E brighten and protect skin for longer lasting results

Breakthrough Fragrance Technology eliminates odors at the source replacing them with our Fresh & Sunny fragrance

EXPERT TIP: When applying California Tan Instant Sunless Spray start from the legs up so you aren’t bending while the spray is still drying


Body Buffer Exfoliator

Prepares skin for sunless tanning application while helping prevent spotty sunless tanning results by sluffing away dead skin cells in order to create the perfect canvas for sunless application or UV tanning

Natural, fine-grained volcanic rock buffers skin to reveal fresh, balanced texture to ensure a more even, longer lasting bronze glow

Creamy formula simultaneously cleanese as it exfoliates utilizing aloe vera and sunflower seed oil

Body Buffer exfoliator promotes both sunless and UV results, as it prepares skin for optimal color development


Tan Extender with Bronzers

Preserves and extends sunless color by combining DHA, Erythrulose and melanin to develop a rich, natural looking sunless tan

To visibly improve skin tone and texture, this product drenches skin in hydrating combination of aloe vera, shea butter, olive and sunflower oils.

With daily use, Tan Extender with Bronzers not only extends the life of your sunless color, but also the life of your indoor and outdoor tanning color.