Skin Care Products

AG_guyAustralian Gold brand is the most recognized brand of indoor tanning lotions. AG brand offers products to fit every tanner’s needs, lifestyle, price-point, and personal predilection. It is an integral part of the legacy of indoor tanning.

Australian Gold formulas use key ingredients that are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible so the tan you get is your own…naturally! Australian Gold researchers are pioneers in the formulation and custom-blending of premium tanning and skin care products, so every AG formula you buy contains more than two decades of tanning and skin care research that leads the industry.

AG_KassieThe Swedish Beauty brand originated in Sweden, the land of the midnight sun and was founded on vitamins and healthy skin. It joined the Australian Gold family in 1998 and has since been destined to stay true to its roots of skincare, vitamins and tingle technology, all while becoming on e of the most prestigious brands of lotion in indoor tanning.

Swedish Beauty products incorporate the most luxurious skincare complexes, moisturizers, technologically advanced bronzers and ultimate tingle powers to bring you the highest quality products in the marketplace. SB caters to even the most discriminating tanner who demands top quality and performance in their tanning lotions. Beautiful Tan…Beautiful Skin!

Swedish Beauty Botanica was created by Swedish Beauty. This eco-chic collection was introduced for healthy-conscious tanners looking to be on the sexy side of green. All products are 95% natural and paraben free, and the formulas utilize the finest ingredients, vitamins, nutrients and moisturizers to maximize anyone’s tan color.

sbClassic_PosterSensitive Tanners — no more “I am allergic to all lotions”
In 2012, Botanica created the “Freedom Formula”. Products that feature a freedom formula collectively include no parabens, silicone or gluten making it perfect for any sensitive-skinned tanner. For healthy, happy and globally glam skin-look no further than Swedish Beauty Botanica.

The Sexy Side of Science–California Tan

Inspired by the carefree, sun-kissed lifestyle of the golden state, California Tan’s tanning lotions let you live reminiscent of the beaches and playgrounds of the rich, chic and famous.

California Tan is a scientifically developed 3 – Step Tanning system infused with superior tanning and skin care ingredients. California Tan’s scientifically proven, ultra hydrating formulas are available in a professional 3-step system. This system is designed to guide continuous dark color development, ensure optimal results.

Designer Skin’s prevailing philosophy is “nutrition for the skin” and this mantra drives every aspect of the product development.

sbPurple_SydneyDesigner Skin’s brands of indoor tanning products provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of technologically advanced, quality ingredients blended into cutting edge tanning formulations, exceptional skincare and phenomenal color.